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Thread: Correct way of getting theme font for child controls?

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    Correct way of getting theme font for child controls?

    The edit, button, static, listbox, and combobox controls all have that old system-looking font in them by default, even when using visual styles.

    What is the correct way of getting or creating a font for these controls that respects the current theme?

    I tried GetThemeSysFont with TMT_CAPTIONFONT and TMT_SMALLCAPTIONFONT but they both return the same font for every control, which is identical to the main window caption and too big for these controls. Should I simply take this font and decrease the size or is there some other method I should know about?

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    Re: Correct way of getting theme font for child controls?

    GetStockObject function



    It is not recommended that you employ this method to obtain the current font used by dialogs and windows. Instead, use the SystemParametersInfo function with the SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS parameter to retrieve the current font. SystemParametersInfo will take into account the current theme and provides font information for captions, menus, and message dialogs.
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