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Thread: gluDisk problem

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    gluDisk problem

    Hi ALLˇˇˇˇ

    I have a program wirh a lot of rotated cylinders. The use of gluDisk() for the extrems of everyone is giving me a problem.
    When the program runs in a 'Debug' versión it Works.
    When the program runs in a 'Release' versión it Works.
    But in an executable versión, the program stopped and break, only in some PCs, not in all machines.

    can someone help me please.
    Thanka a lotˇˇˇˇ

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    Re: gluDisk problem

    There is to less information about your issue to know what happened there, and might be wrong forum [] ... please provide more info about how you use gluDisk, and some code ...

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