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Thread: CDialog and Cdialogex link error

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    Angry CDialog and Cdialogex link error


    I have a project in Visual C++, and it works well in Visual Studio 2005. I convert it to Visual Studio 2010, and everything went well, compiled and linked wihtout problems.

    Then, I tried to add a new Dialog; the system added a Cdialogex (instead of the Cdialog that I used to use). I didin't realize that, and I go ahead, then compiled, and then I got a link error on all my previous Cdialog that I have:

    Error 80 error LNK2001: símbolo externo "public: virtual void __thiscall CDialog::OnOK(void)" (?OnOK@CDialog@@UAEXXZ) sin resolver D:\proyectos010\MVFlexCGPlayer\VideoPlayConfigurationLE.obj

    Any ideas about the problem?

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    Re: CDialog and Cdialogex link error

    Did you try to "Rebuild All" (rebuild the project)?
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: CDialog and Cdialogex link error

    And did you use an extern?
    To keep the plot moving, that's why.

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