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    Learn algorithms by playing a game

    I develop a game to help understand algorithms and retain as much knowledge as possible, while having fun at the same time.

    With this, I'm asking for your help to indicate whether this project is worth pursuing.

    Please help comment on this and provide your thoughts.

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    Re: Learn algorithms by playing a game

    I can't load that link so I don't know what you've accomplished.

    But personally I find computer games extremely boring and games with pedagogical ambitions should be considered crimes against humanity.

    The only fun thing with a computer is to write programs for it. If you don't feel that way naturally no amount of sugarcoating will help.

    With one exception of course - Lemmings,

    It defined my life.
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    Re: Learn algorithms by playing a game

    Kudos, very nice. I can see what your doing there, FireFox loaded your website easily.

    When you say worth, do you mean "worth it" to the kids or "worth it" from a financial perspective? Or "worth it" from the perspective of what you will learn producing software like that?

    I can't see too many ways to monetize it without a partner in education.
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    To keep the plot moving, that's why.

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