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Thread: How create child window?

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    How create child window?

    I create main window by CreateWindowEx() but I want child window like button. Child window should automatically move when parent window moves.
    How create it?

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    Re: How create child window?

    Handle the WM_CREATE message to create a child control. You could use the same CreateWindowEx to do it but passing the correct window class of the control ("button" for button control)
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: How create child window?

    Quote Originally Posted by Borneq View Post
    Child window should automatically move when parent window moves.
    Any window having WS_CHILD style is moved along with its parent.

    PS. To prevent flooding the forum with your other How-to questions I would recommend you to start with reading some good book covering Windows GUI programming basics. Like Petzold's Programming Windows.
    Best regards,

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    Re: How create child window?

    You can Create child window by using WS_CHILD as mentioned by igor and don't forget to provide the handle of it's parent window while creating the child.

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