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    Cool Composer Nightmare

    Hi all ,

    I've just spent the last Hour trying to wrap my head around the composer package for php i absolulty am trying to understand why anyone would even use this? . i can see the Auto-load to bring in required dependencies for the project. but. "for 9 years I've known what dependencies im going to need i download them put them in my Lib Folder and <?php include them in my project. why are People using this ? seems like a huge long way around to get to a simple answer. and now trying to use a Projects composer.json file just fails in grabbing the required packages crashes and burns in failure

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    Re: Composer Nightmare

    Is Composer for everyone? Of course not! However, there are developers with hundreds of clients per month all requiring specialized development. Such specialized development is handled much quicker when you don't have to spend time setting up all dependencies for projects.
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