The restless authors of PVS-Studio keep catching bugs in various projects. The PVS-Studio analyzer is more familiar to C++ developers. By now, hundreds of open-source projects have been scanned and thousands of errors have been found with its help; many of those scans were discussed in articles. PVS-Studio recently learned how to analyze the code of C# projects, and the developers set about analyzing projects of a new type. The Xenko game engine was picked as their new "victim".

Xenko (formerly known as Paradox) is a cross-platform game engine for game development in C#.

All those interested are welcome to have a look at the article on the analysis of this project. Not many errors were found this time, which fact proves a good quality of the code. However, you won't find a project without typos and other errors, so the author of the article has once again shown very well how developers can benefit from static code analyzers. An important thing to remember about static analysis is that it is most useful when applied regularly, not on single occasions like those very test scans.