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Thread: JS Puzzle

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    JS Puzzle


    I'm working on our nonprofit website and have one last page that I'm having trouble with. I'll try and explain as best as I can:

    We have a JS sliding puzzle (like this one - and as you can see, there's text next to it. If you resize the page, there are two issues.

    First, the text doesn't wrap correctly in that it overlaps the puzzle. And second, the puzzle itself doesn't resize.

    I've tried putting it in an iframe, but can't get it to resize that way, either.

    Ultimately, what we'd like is for the puzzle and text to be responsive. Can that be done, or can just the test be fixed so that it doesn't overlap?

    I also have an external CSS and the page uses DIVs instead of tables.


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    Re: JS Puzzle

    Can't really help since that page goes right to an error page. No puzzle shown.
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    Re: JS Puzzle

    Hi. I got a new puzzle and it's working fine but I appreciate you having a look. My only problem now is our quiz. Everything re-sizes nicely except the 'NEXT' and 'PREVIOUS' buttons. They don't move and end up overlapping the answers. I think it's more of a CSS issue.

    Here's the link. I won't be taking it down until it's resolved. We're trying to get this live this week:

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