You probably already know that the Microsoft Corporation bought the Xamarin Company. Even though Microsoft has started gradually opening the source code of some of its products, the Xamarin.Forms code was a big surprise.

Xamarin.Forms is a cross-platform natively backed UI toolkit abstraction that allows developers to easily create user interfaces that can be shared across Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone. The user interfaces are rendered using the native controls of the target platform, allowing Xamarin.Forms applications to retain the appropriate look and feel for each platform. You can use code or markup to build a UI with data-binding and styles, using either C# or XAML markup. The code of the framework is written in C# and is available at a repository on GitHub.

The check of Xamarin.Forms was quite rewarding - we found several interesting fragments; some were really erroneous, some - suspicious and strange. My hope is that the developers will notice the article, and fix the issues that we have discussed in it. You can see all the suspicious code fragments by downloading a trial version of the analyzer.