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    How to select single row in MSFlexGrid dynamically

    I have grid object and one Int Variable, as per value of that int varible, i have select or highlight that whole row.
    Suppose int = 3 then i have highlight 3 row
    if it have 4 i have highlight or select row 4.

    I have tried following
    Private Sub NumericDisplay1_Change()
    MSFlexGrid2.RowSel = 0
    MSFlexGrid2.RowSel = NumericDisplay1.Value
    End Sub
    I am using VB6

    any help, really appreaciated

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    Re: How to select single row in MSFlexGrid dynamically

    It depends on how you want to select it. One way is to set the row and the col then use colsel.

    For example if you have 6 columns and more than 3 rows you could select all of the cells in row 3 using
    With MSFlexGrid1
        .Row = 3
        .Col = 0
        .ColSel = 5
    End With
    You could use a var in place of the 3 there to make it work with whatever row

    For more info
    Always use [code][/code] tags when posting code.

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