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    Unhappy Javascript website animation slow on some machines and browsers??


    Great forum here guys I'm glad i found it I'm here because i need some coding help. A team of my developers has been preparing a project for me where as they have inserted a JavaScript animation into a web page. The JavaScript is initiated when a button is clicked by the user and a animation is shown.

    We are doing some testing over the last few days and we have ran into a little bit of issue where the animation seems to run rather slowly on different computers. So for example on my desktop machine the animation runs flawlessly in every browser but when i switch to my Laptop the animation seems jerky and runs slow on all the browsers.

    My understanding it this is a hardware issue but what i really need to get down to is how to fix this because the website is going to be used by many users on many different machines with different browsers. Any help would really be appreciated guys as i haven't been able to find any solutions yet online? Its annoying because the animation is perfect just a little bug stopping us from moving forward.

    Thanks :-)

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    Re: Javascript website animation slow on some machines and browsers??

    How is the animation performed? Are you displaying an avi or manually creating the animation by swapping images?

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    Re: Javascript website animation slow on some machines and browsers??

    If you're having graphics performance issues, then either (1) you're using WebGL which would render poorly with non-dedicated graphics cards or (2) you're calling way too many for loops causing lower core CPUs to lag out.
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