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    Make a dynamic application

    Hi Everyone,

    I am relatively new in C#-programming But I need to create an application that acts like a dispatcher/framework for later application.

    For the framework-part I guess I can write a library, so that part will not be a huge problem.

    I want to write a dispatcher and separate "modules", those modules need to do some action-specific stuff.

    The application should lookup the incoming data and decide which module should be further handling the request. Those modules need to be programmed and attached after the main application is already running (there will always be new modules). I could make a separate application (exe) for each action (module) and let the dispatcher start the application but I guess it would be better (better performance?) if I could "compile" and "attach" classes/modules while the main application keeps running and without having to start another application. Is this possible and if yes, can you give me some pointers so I know what to start? I also don't know if it is possible to start a module by a name I have in a variable.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Make a dynamic application

    I'd rather use DLL's connected to one EXE instead
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