Devart has released new Devart Excel Add-in Packs an excellent way to purchase either all Devart Excel Add-ins together or add-ins only for databases or only for cloud apps, and get a huge discount.

Devart team, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, has announced the release of Devart Excel Add-in Packs. Devart Excel Add-in Universal Pack allows users to manage data of more than 20 cloud applications and databases from Excel as easy as with usual Excel worksheets. If a customer needs only Excel Add-ins for cloud apps, Devart Excel Add-in Cloud Pack is a perfect solution. Devart Excel Add-in Database Pack suites if the user needs only database data in Excel. All the customers can get all the Excel Add-ins together with a discount of over 80% in comparison to buying them separately.

Prices and availability

Excel Add-in Universal Pack includes add-ins for 23 sources and costs only 449.95$
Excel Add-in Database Pack includes add-ins for 6 sources and costs only 249.95$
Excel Add-in Cloud Pack includes add-ins for 17 sources and costs only 349.95$

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