This thread is a little bit of chit chat, but because the focus is on tech books, I'm going to drop it here, in the general discussion forum.

I'm writing a blog post on the current books on my desk (that I'm moving over to on my shelf). That post will go live tomorrow and will mention the two books that were close to my computer. I'm curious to hear what books other developers have sitting by their computers or on their desk.

I'll add that in addition to the two Wiley books I mention in the blog post here on Codeguru (I'll link when it is live), I also have a third book that sits on my desk. That book is more relevant to what I do with a lot of my time, which is manage web sites like Codeguru. The book is Advanced Web Metric with Google Analytics by Sybex. If you are doing web work (sites or apps), then analytics are likely a critical part of your maintenance process!

The books from my blog post are Reversing : Secreets of Reverse Engineering and Practical Reverse Engineering, both by Wiley!