I have a form with two totally identical DataGridView controls on it

The reason is that I have 30 plus columns of data and it is unreadable as a straightforward table. So, as a kludge, I duplicate them and position them so that (for example) the first copy shows columns 1 to 15 and the second copy (underneath) shows columns 16 to 30

Clearly, if I click on one of them (eg to sort or highlight) I trigger the other one so each one has to be identical (otherwise if I sort a column it will not be able to sort the second table). No problem, in principle

I adjust column widths to zero in order to "hide" the unwanted columns

Currently, I fill them both the hard way - I read data from a file and update values. Twice, which seems inelegant


1. Is there a better way?

2. If not, can I somehow copy a Grid and its contents without doing it the hard way? Eg Grid2 = Grid1

3. Can I hide a column - setting widths to zero is inelegant and looks messy?

Thank you