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    Post New Forum area: Xamarin

    New forum area for for discussions related to Xamarin. This forum can use any programming language.



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    Re: New Forum area: Xamarin

    Never tryed, will u recoment it ?!

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    Re: New Forum area: Xamarin

    Xamarin is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development framework.

    What is Xamarin used for?

    Xamarin.Mac was created as a tool for Apple technology application development using the C# programming language. Xamarin.Mac, as with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, gives developers up to 90% of code reuse across Android, iOS and Windows.

    Is Xamarin better than native?

    Unlike traditional hybrid solutions, based on the web technologies, a cross-platform app built with Xamarin, can still be classified as native. The performance metrics are comparable to those of Java for Android (as explained here) and Objective-C or Swift for native iOS app development.

    There are many cross-platform mobile app development services provider in the industry. Make sure you choose wisely.

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    Re: New Forum area: Xamarin

    you can advise me where I can start to learn to create applications with xamarin for the agency

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    Re: New Forum area: Xamarin

    Pros of Using Xamarin for Development

    • Xamarin utilizes C# as its key programming language. This enables more than 70% of the code to be reused between iOS, Android and other platforms.
    • An app built with Xamarin offers the same level of performance as that of a natively developed app.
    • Access to Xamarin.Forms tool allows developers to add platform-specific functionality to the app.
    • Xamarin offers developers a complete development toolset, including Visual Studio – Integrated Development EnvironmentXamarin SDKs – PlatformXamarin Test Cloud – TestingHockeyapp & Xamarin.Insights – Distribution And Analytics
    • Xamarin assures fast app development in the shortest time limit with a low amount of bugs.
    • Xamarin University allows easy onboarding by educating its users consistently and systematically.

    Cons of Using Xamarin for Development

    • Xamarin offers limited access to open source libraries.
    • The framework is not a viable option for building games or rich custom UI as it allows the sharing of logic only with UI codes being platform-specific.
    • Xamarin apps are usually larger than native ones.

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    Re: New Forum area: Xamarin

    Replacement for Xamarin? Check out Maui.

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