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    Cool In what situations is EncodePointer() used?

    I was wondering the applications and scenarios that EncodePointer()/DecodePointer() can actually be used?

    the most I have found on it is and of course the MSDN for it...

    What does EncoderPointer actually prevent? when should it be used? and how effective is it?

    If you can, provide a scenario that it can be used for?

    Sincerely, Semaph0re.

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    Re: In what situations is EncodePointer() used?

    It's very typical situation when your code provides some context pointer to outer module just to be carried along and returned in one of the callbacks to your module to complete the operation. The context pointer therefore may be reverse-engineered and/or exploited by a malware. Encoding the pointer is to hamper reverse engineering at some level, though nothing prevents the malware to decode the pointer once you let it in your process.
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