Hello, Wacker here.

I'm new to the site and have a feeling I'll be around more and more.

I am very puzzled, I have been looking to create an Android Video Game Bot that is possibly used with an emulator on the PC or no emulator at all for it to function. I been seeing a lot of Macro recordings bots(Mouse clicks with timed delays between each action depending on static interface). As much as this could be a viable way to create a bot, it isn't what I am looking for or wanting to create. I will do some programming if necessary.

Does anyone know how I can create a bot where It can interactive with In-game tags, values etc... without changing the values instead allowing the bot preform actions within the game that will change those values or tags organically and not in a cheating way like some hacking/cheating bots/programs out there for offline games.

Tags = Resource, troops, Hero leveling etc... Then changing the values. Example: Lets Say I only have 1000 Wood and I would like my bot to get an additional 500 wood and I would like my bot to go to the nearest wood farm(lumber farm) to gather this resources.

Values = The number of resources/troops/hero skills that have no been selected before but would like to upgrade.

How can I create a bot that will interactive with the in-game tags???

Another inspirational example to elaborate on what I am looking for. Back in the day there was this game called "Evony" and in Evony there was a bot called "Neat bot" that didn't even need the game open to work. But within the bot you could tell the bot to do different functions. Like go gather, or attack or even put a shield up if being under attack...

Soo.... LMAO

Does anyone know how I could make this work?

By the way this is a project for my Fiance and I to work on for our favorite game we play all the time. We're always working and don't always have time to keep our accounts up to date so creating a bot would greatly increase our in-game world and our real world productivity. <-- Haha

Thank you to anyone that can help me.

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