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Thread: VB6 MS Word Font Color automation

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    VB6 MS Word Font Color automation

    I need to insert some formatted text into MS Word document. I started MS Word Macro and entered this code:
        Selection.TypeText Text:="Test Macro Color Red "
        Selection.Font.Size = 20
        Selection.TypeText Text:="Size Changed "
        Selection.Font.ColorIndex = wdGreen
        Selection.TypeText Text:="ColorIndex set "
        Selection.Font.Bold = True
        Selection.TypeText Text:="Bold "
        Selection.Font.Underline = wdUnderlineSingle
        Selection.TypeText Text:="Undeline "
        Selection.Font.ColorIndex = wdRed
        Selection.TypeText Text:="TextColor set"
    When I run this macro I get what I wanted:
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    If I use very similar code in VB6 statement for Size and Bold work, the lines containing ColorIndex assignment and Underline do not work, produce errors:
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    How do I set the color of text and some other properties of font in Word in VB6?

    Thank you

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    Re: VB6 MS Word Font Color automation

    The identifiers starting with wd are constants defined in the Word VBA operating environment and are not known in VB6. Try to find out their concrete values in Word, for instance by using Print statements, and use these in VB6 instead of the constant identifiers.

    Admittedly, if that really is the only problem, then I find that VB6 error message quite unclear and little helpful...
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    Re: VB6 MS Word Font Color automation

    Before I used wd identifiers I found their values and declared public constants in a standard module. I also tried RGB. It did not work as well.
    Thank you

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