Hi gang. Here is my issue. I have created an application that lets me browse through a list of videos, then play the one I wish. Usually this is done via a foot switch the program is reading. Normally it just plays the next video. I have a projector hooked up and have designed the form so that it plays the video on the second screen (external hdmi). I implemented this by creating a separate form (form2) from the form that has the list of videos (in a list box). This form contains a windows media player control On bootup, I simply move the container form2 to the other screen and push it as far down into the task bar as it will go. Each time a new video is selected it plays it in full screen mode. All of it works great. But there is one thing. When it goes from one video to another, the control shrinks and you see the top of form 2 at the bottom of the screen for about a second while the mediaplayer control loads the new video. Apparently there is no way to keep mediaplayer in fullscreen mode unless it is in playstate 3 (i have code to handle this). I have tried minimizing the form, hiding it, and setting the visible property to false. All of these hide the form BUT, the control will never go to fullscreen in that case. Interestingly if form2 is on the main laptop screen and set to invisible the mediaplayer control will go to full screen but not if form2 is on the screen for the projector. I know that sounds nuts but I have tested this several times. Any ideas would be appreciated.