Devart has upgraded SQL Complete with the connection to Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, enriched Code Completion and Code Refactoring features as well as many added other productivity functionalities.

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database tools for developers and DBAs, has released a fresh version of dbForge SQL Complete, an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio. Now, SQL Complete offers the possibility to connect to Azure Multi-Factor Authentication ensuring the highest security standards. Other improvements implemented in updated SQL Complete include enhanced Code Completion and Code Refactoring features and numerous productivity functionalities designed to simplify data management in SSMS result grid.

Here is a closer look at some of the new features that are now available in dbForge SQL Complete:

Extra layer of security with two-step authentication
To deliver an even more secure access to data and applications while remaining convenient for end users, SQL Complete now offers the new authentication method of SSMS 17.2, ‘Active Directory – Universal with MFA support’ that includes a phone call, text message or mobile app code.

II. Code Completion
The Code Completion feature now includes the following new statement suggestions:
IDENTITY_CACHE and Automatic database tuning

III. Code Refactoring
In the updated SQL Complete version, users can rename variables in UPDATETEXT, WRITETEXT, READTEXT, and REVERT statements in the blink of an eye using a handy Rename dialog window.

IV. Productivity features to simplify data management in SSMS result grid:
Results Grid Data Visualizer for seamless data visualization from the results grid via Hexadecimal, Text, XML, HTML, Rich Text, PDF, JSON, Image, and Spatial views

2) An ability to copy data in the XML, CSV, HTML, or JSON file formats from the SSMS grid

3) An ability to copy data in any available file format to a file or clipboard

4) Shortcuts to SSMS grid popup menu assigned

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