I am trying to make static library of jpeglib Linux based software on Msvc 2017 - windows 10. I have followed some instructions I googled on the net on how to generate static library for jpeglib. In fact I get to using command instruction nmake which provides me with additional jpeg solution for creating jpeg static library. The static file jpeg.lib is created, but when I put it in program code from where it is called, it simply does not establish communication. The problem is maybe that with jpeg project (created by nmake) there is on its configuration manager (2017 VC++) only "win32" as only one available option for active solution platforms!!?
The rest of my program is using x64..I do have for the rest of program options as x64 or x86, but I do not have win32? So what I have to do? I believe that static lib created let say x86 should work if called by program on x64 platform? Or I am wrong?