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It suggests words for auto completion as you start typing. It suggests the next probable words when you finish typing a word, and when you press the space bar, or when you auto complete the word, and press space bar.

It presents five such words and three phrases below your cursor. Pressing the tab key selects the next word or phrase in the list.

PredictEd learns, as you type in real time, and creates a knowledge base unique to your style of writing, and your subject matter. You get the most relevant suggestions as it builds up its knowledge from the words and phrases you type. Gradually it becomes your personal typing assistant.

You can also feed it your own writings in the form of text files, and instantly get the same result. It also has some more smart features like formatting as you type. It also capitalizes the words, inserts spaces after periods and inserts paragraph breaks after new lines. It saves the file after each paragraph automatically.

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