VintaSoft releases the newest major version 11 of the Barcode SDK for .NET, WPF, ASP.NET and Xamarin.Android. The version implements the support for Xamarin platform for Android 4.0.3 (API level 15) and higher, and allows to recognize and generate 80+ linear, postal and 2D barcodes in applications run on Android devices.

The support of mobile Android devices has entailed also the creation of the CameraBarcodeScanner class, which adds the ability for optimal barcode recognition from camera image stream.

The overall quality of barcode reader has been improved.

QR Code barcode recognition performance increased up to 20%.

To address the requests of our valued users we created in version 11 the StructuredAppendBarcodeInfo class to simplify merging of barcodes linked using the structure append feature and the ability to generate a barcode as SVG image.

The large range of VintaSoft source code examples was extended with new Barcode Scanner Demo and Barcode Generator Demo projects for Xamarin.Android. The Demo projects are also available for test download from Google Play as free end-user applications.

This .NET Barcode SDK has detailed Documentation file, which includes lots of articles and code samples for C# and VB.NET in "Programming" section and detailed namespace of classes, methods and properties carefully prepared for time-saving learning and easy understanding.

Releasing this newest version VintaSoft Ltd has now and again consolidated achievement of the highest possible quality standard and leading position on the market of barcode recognition and barcode generation components for .NET software developers.

Unfortunately the scopes of this article do not allow to recount all features of the VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK - the professional barcode reader and barcode generator SDK for programming in .NET, WPF, ASP.NET and Xamarin.Android. For more information please visit the product home page: