Hi everyone.

I'm trying to build an application in android studio that is able to connect to a database. I do have some experience with android studio but with standalone apps.
1) The app must have a login-register system.
2) After the registration and login, the user has to share some data and some pictures and i need to store that data for later reviewing.
3) It needs to have some level of security for the user's data.
3) The app has to communicate with the user (when he logs in) his status (Failed/Passed/Not reviewed). The status is decided by the person reviewing (only this person has access to the whole database). The user can also view and change some informations he willingly gave (he can change his input (update his row in the database) only for a limited amount of time -> Changing data while reviewing/after review is not possible).
4) After the review, the user either has passed or not. If the user did not pass, he will get that information and his account will be deleted. Else, he can still log in and access informations (something like a "news feed" about something - college related).

I would like to know what resources are needed for such an operation, what do i need to consider for each step, and where do i even start from. And if possible, share the stuff that is currently being used, not deprecated.