I want to set up a MySQL server that will not deal with too many data.
This database works with a local store system that does not exceed the 3000 clients .
The database just keeps information about the clients (name, phone, email, last name)
and some other stuff like products and sold products and appointments. The products are not
more than 100 and each product has some basic fields like name, quantity. Simple and not too much stuff.
I don't believe that these data will ever exceed the 5 gb in the whole life of the store.

The problem is I don't know which web hosting to buy. There are a lot out there and this is something I've never done
before and I don't have experience on it.

This is a site which got my attention and it also has a server in Frankfurt which is quite close to Greece (where my system is going to communicate from).

What are your advises?

Thank you.