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Thread: qbXML with QuickBooks Online

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    qbXML with QuickBooks Online

    My VB6 application communicates with Intuit QuickBooks desktop via special version of XML language qbXML. The application contains a pretty big number of procedures to send and receive data to and from QuickBooks file located on the company server. It eliminates double entry of data into 2 databases - MS SQL and QB file. All operations are done with SDK support.
    The new Intuit's approach is QuickBooks online. Intuit offers SDKs for Online edition as well, but unfortunately there are 3 of them only - for .NET, Java and PHP. Nothing for VB6.

    Did anybody her work on the transition from Desktop edition to Online edition with VB6? To rewrite a pretty big VB6 project with new technology is not an option yet. It would be great to find the way to use existing VB6 code with QuickBooks Online edition.

    Any help please.

    Thank you

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    Re: qbXML with QuickBooks Online

    Since you understand the intricacies of integration to QB via VB6, I would create files in the format that QB Cloud wants (via VB6) then post them via the VB.Net SDK which I'm sure will have examples of what you want to do.

    Keep your VB6 system and only use VB.Net when you need to pass data to QB OnLine

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