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    How to add second column to a listBox component?

    For the moment I can only get the subfolders name of C:\Backup folder to the first column of the listBoxComputer.
    Have do I get also the last written date of subfolders to the second column of the listBoxComputer?

    private string rootDir = @"C:\Backup";        
    private void FormView_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)        {                       
       List<string> ls = Directory.GetDirectories(rootDir).Select(Path.GetFileName).ToList();            
        ls.Sort((a, b) => -1 * a.CompareTo(b));        
        listBoxComputer.Sorted = false;            
        listBoxComputer.DataSource = ls;            
        listBoxUser.SelectedIndex =-1;           

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    Re: How to add second column to a listBox component?

    You are using the wrong control as the list box only has 1 one column. You will need to use a listview control instead. The listview control allows for multiple columns.

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