I have this very inconsistent code that may be mixing untyped and typed datasets. My goal is to have a typed dataset where I can just say dataset.Update to get any new information or changes.

I have read through several articles and am unable to relate what I am doing to them. I am using a table adapter to update my dataset, have no idea if that is right because every example I look at us using data adapters, which require sql statements. It seems to me that if I already have the dataset available for use, then why would I need a sql statement?

I also would not mind creating an instance of my table adapter rather than referring to it directly, but am concerned this is only for untyped datasets.

My code below also does add rows, because this is the only way I could get it to work. The problem is, the update only happens once this way.

I need to understand the difference between typed and untyped as far as coding is concerned.

Thank you for the help.

        JobSheetDataSet.CaseSensitive = False

        Dim ta_JobInfo As JobSheetDataSetTableAdapters.JobInfoTableAdapter = New JobSheetDataSetTableAdapters.JobInfoTableAdapter

        Dim JobInfoRow As DataRow = JobSheetDataSet.JobInfo.NewRow
        With JobInfoRow
            .Item("JobNo") = JobNo
            .Item("ProjectItem") = ProjectItem
            .Item("DrawingNo") = DrawingNo
            .Item("Started") = Started ' date
            .Item("Completed") = Completed ' date
            .Item("ToProd") = Completed ' date
            .Item("Engineer") = Engineer
            .Item("Designer") = Designer
            .Item("EstHrs") = EstHrs ' decimal
            .Item("Checker") = Checker
            .Item("EngineeringJobNotes") = EngineeringJobNotes
            .Item("ShipTo") = ShipTo
            .Item("ShipDate") = ShipDate ' date
            .Item("FMLDrawingNo") = FMLDrawingNo

        End With



        End Try