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    Ticker (revisited) with Visual Studio 2012 Express

    Hello all!

    I posted once about attempting to code a ticker (scrolling text box) with a background worker on Visual Studio 2012 Express. I learned that it was better to use a timer and did not require a lot of code. After experimenting with this for some time, I figured out how to do it. Part of this post will be to share what I learned (if you want a simple way to do it), and the other is a request for help. I made the ticker for a slot machine program and it works fine as long as the user (player) does not click the "spin" button. If they click the spin button, the entire form freezes while filling in the 5 picture boxes with the images of the cards I am using.

    Once again I am using Visual Studio 2012 Express

    Here is my code:

    Public Class Form2
        Public TickerMsg As String = "***** Today's winning bonus is "
        Public NumSpins As Integer
        Public PixNum(5) As Integer
        Public txtCnt As Integer = 0
        Public boxText As String = Nothing
        Public chrchk As String = Nothing
        Public TickerText As String
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
            GameStart = True
            Button1.Enabled = False
            Button2.Enabled = False
            Button3.Enabled = False
            SETTINGSToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = False
            Label5.Text = Nothing
            NumericUpDown1.Enabled = False
            CurrentCreditAmount = CDec(CurrentCreditAmount) - (NumericUpDown1.Value * 5)
            Label8.Text = Format(CurrentCreditAmount, "####.00")
            NumSpins = CInt(Math.Floor((15 - 7 + 1) * Rnd())) + 7
            For x As Integer = 1 To NumSpins
                PixNum(1) = CInt(Math.Floor((23 - 0 + 1) * Rnd())) + 0
                PictureBox1.Image = ImageList1.Images.Item(PixNum(1))
                PixNum(2) = CInt(Math.Floor((23 - 0 + 1) * Rnd())) + 0
                PictureBox2.Image = ImageList1.Images.Item(PixNum(2))
                PixNum(3) = CInt(Math.Floor((23 - 0 + 1) * Rnd())) + 0
                PictureBox3.Image = ImageList1.Images.Item(PixNum(3))
                PixNum(4) = CInt(Math.Floor((23 - 0 + 1) * Rnd())) + 0
                PictureBox4.Image = ImageList1.Images.Item(PixNum(4))
                PixNum(5) = CInt(Math.Floor((23 - 0 + 1) * Rnd())) + 0
                PictureBox5.Image = ImageList1.Images.Item(PixNum(5))
        End Sub
    Private Sub Form2_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
            If My.Settings.PayoutLastUpdate = CurDay Then
                PlayerPayout = CDec(My.Settings.MaxDayPayout * 1000)
            ElseIf My.Settings.PayoutLastUpdate <> CurDay Then
                PlayerPayout = PlayerPayout + CDec(My.Settings.MaxDayPayout * 1000)
                My.Settings.PayoutLastUpdate = CurDay
            End If
        End Sub
    Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
            txtCnt += 1
            If txtCnt = 150 Then txtCnt = 1
            chrchk = Mid(TickerText, txtCnt, 1)
            If Len(TextBox1.Text) >= 150 Then
                boxText = TextBox1.Text.Remove(0, 1) & chrchk
                boxText = boxText & chrchk
            End If
            TextBox1.Text = boxText
        End Sub
    Public Sub Restart_Form()
            Button1.Enabled = False
            Button2.Enabled = False
            Button3.Enabled = False
            GameStart = False
            Label4.Text = Nothing
            Label5.Text = Nothing
            Label8.Text = Nothing
            NumericUpDown1.Value = NumericUpDown1.Minimum
            NumericUpDown1.Enabled = False
            PictureBox1.Image = Nothing
            PictureBox2.Image = Nothing
            PictureBox3.Image = Nothing
            PictureBox4.Image = Nothing
            PictureBox5.Image = Nothing
            TextBox1.Visible = IIf(My.Settings.ShowTicker = True, True, False)
            TickerText = TickerMsg & Format(PlayerPayout, "$#####.00") & " *****" & Space(104)
            Timer1.Interval = My.Settings.TickerVal * 10
            Timer1.Enabled = IIf(My.Settings.ShowTicker = True, True, False)
            EDITToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = False
            NEWToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = True
            SAVEToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = False
            SETTINGSToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = True
        End Sub
    Name:  main_screen.jpg
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    You will see that 1) I am using an ImageList to hold the pictures of the cards. 2) Upon start of the program, I increase the daily winning amount by 1 thousand dollars and that is displayed in the ticker.

    I know that you will also see the "sleep" line above and most likely attribute my problem to that. I have totally removed that line and still get the exact same issue. Oh, that line is there so that it slows down the changing of the card images to make it look better. The rectangle shapes appear around the picture boxes when there is a win (still working on).

    I will answer any questions you may have so that you can help me determine how to prevent textbox1 and timer1 from freezing with each spin.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Re: Ticker (revisited) with Visual Studio 2012 Express

    Ok, I get it. Nobody wants to help me anymore. That's ok. Would the administrator PLEASE DELETE MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT!

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    Re: Ticker (revisited) with Visual Studio 2012 Express

    I guess the VB guru's are on holiday... Sorry I can't help but I don't use VB. A more active VB forum is on codeguru sister site VB forum. Try posting at

    Good luck with your project.
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