Robin Kuzmin, Firmware Developer, Zensa Inc., in his talk on 'C++Now 2019: Robin Kuzmin “C++Now and CppCon, the View From Inside”' tells about the following topics:

🔹 What the C++Now and Cppcon are. Brief history, purpose, and difference.
🔸 How to attend CppCon and get money for that.
🔹 How to attend C++Now and CppCon for free or partially for free.
🔸 How to avoid the expenses for the conference ticket, hotel, flight, pre-conf- and post-conf-classes.
🔹 How certain parts of the conferences work. Roles, tools, how one can participate and what it gives.
🔸 Future of C++Now and CppCon.
🔹 Annual time line of CppCon and C++Now. When to do what.

P.S. There will be bonus topics at the end of the talk