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    Question How to store an image inside a file ?

    Hi !

    I try to create a file that contains some images (in JPEG or PNG format) and some other binary data.

    To store the images, I plan to use GDI+ and the Image::Save() method. So I need an IStream object.

    To store the other binary data, I plan to use the standard ofstream::write() method. So I need an ofstream object.

    Are these two objects (IStream and ofstream) compatible ? And how can I find one from the other ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: How to store an image inside a file ?

    Why IStream?
    Why not just use this overloaded method:
    HRESULT Save(
        LPCTSTR pszFileName,
        REFGUID guidFileType = GUID_NULL) const throw();
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: How to store an image inside a file ?

    Thanks VictorN for your answer.

    The Save(pszFileName,guidFileType) method fits well when you have to store only an image in the file.
    But, in my case, I have to write some other data before and after the image, in the same file. So I need to write the image in an opened file.

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