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Thread: C++/CLI (calling functions in a DLL

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    C++/CLI (calling functions in a DLL)

    As a VC++ user I'm trying to get to grips with C++/CLI. I've created a DLL with a single function:-

    // My source file:-
    #include "ClassLibrary1.h"
    namespace ClassLibrary1 {
    	int Class1::MyInt()
    		return 69;
    and my DLL compiles okay. So now that it's compiling... how do I link to the built DLL? System DLLs seem to get added as a reference assembly. So do I need to add my own DLL as a reference somehow? Or should I still do it the old fashioned way by adding it to the link libraries, like in regular VC++ (i.e. in my exe project's Properties window)?

    [Edit...] I figured out I need to add it as a reference (in fact AFAICT C++/CLI doesn't generate a .lib file for managed DLL's - so they can't be added in the conventional way, like unmanaged link libraries).
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