Hi ,
I have created the Dll for my functionality.

Now the client given me the test harness and i added my dll into that . But there is no luck, it says that the
fatal error LNK1107: invalid or corrupt file: cannot read at

But then i added the visual studio project created within the Dll into the test harness solution and also copied my files in the same folder. Then compiled the test harness soliution. Then I could see the dlll getting loaded properly.
There is a call within the test harness like dll->GetPropModel(). I can see the My dll is getting called when i put the breakpoint at this point.

It is frustrating. That now all the functionality is tested with this method. And finally i cannot deliver my code to client as it is not recognising my Dll individually.

My code has some has some lib and tlb files. Does it package under the same dll or is it because of this i cannot packahge my code under one dll.