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    HELP generator in c

    hello it has been weeks and still, i'm trying to figure out how to make a name generator in C for example:



    a program that can change positions of the letters.

    please HELP! will i use pointers?

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    Re: HELP generator in c

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <time.h>
    #include <string.h> //Needed for strcat()
    #include <ctype.h>
    //Here I will create an array of prefixes to help generate names.
    // I am banking on multiplication to ensure a large number of names
    // by using 7 prefixes and 20 stems, and 16 suffixes I should be able to
    // create about 7 * 20 * 16 = 2240 names out of 312 bytes of data (In my earlier
    // example from the forum I used this code to generate male and female names,
    // but here I combined them).
    char NamePrefix[][5] = {
    "", //who said we need to add a prefix?
    "bel", //lets say that means "the good"
    "nar", //"The not so good as Bel"
    "xan", //"The evil"
    "bell", //"the good"
    "natr", //"the neutral/natral"
    "ev", //Man am I original

    char NameSuffix[][5] = {
    "", "us", "ix", "ox", "ith",
    "ath", "um", "ator", "or", "axia",
    "imus", "ais", "itur", "orex", "o",

    const char NameStems[][10] = {
    "adur", "aes", "anim", "apoll", "imac",
    "educ", "equis", "extr", "guius", "hann",
    "equi", "amora", "hum", "iace", "ille",
    "inept", "iuv", "obe", "ocul", "orbis"

    //Declare the function up here so that we can use it
    // note that it does not return a value, rather it
    // edits the character passed to it by reference.
    void NameGen(char *PlayerName);
    char get_Char(void); //little utility function to make getting char input easer...

    int main()
    char Player1Name[21]; //Used to hold our character's name
    char cIn; //Used to get user answers to prompts.
    srand((long)time(NULL)); //Seed the random number generator...
    printf("Generated Name: %s\n\n", Player1Name);
    puts("Would you like to generate another (Y,N): ");
    cIn = get_Char();
    } while (cIn != 'n' && cIn != 'N');

    return 0;

    //Utility function for input
    char get_Char(void)
    char cIn;
    while((cIn = getchar())<27); //ignore anything less then ESC
    return cIn;

    //The return type is void because we use a pointer to the array holding
    // the characters of the name.
    void NameGen(char* PlayerName)
    PlayerName[0]=0; //initialize the string to "" (zero length string).
    //add the prefix...
    strcat(PlayerName, NamePrefix[(rand() % 7)]);
    //add the stem...
    strcat(PlayerName, NameStems[(rand() % 20)]);
    //add the suffix...
    strcat(PlayerName, NameSuffix[(rand() % 16)]);
    //Make the first letter capital...

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