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    Unit testing in C++?

    Hey guys,
    I have recently got a new job and they require unit tests everywhere, such that it will cover at least 80% of the codebase.

    I am not familiar with test frameworks and/or mocking tools in C++. I wonder if you have something recommended for me, from your experience as it is a new project so I determine what framework and what mocking tool to use here.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Unit testing in C++?

    So what do they use on all their other older projects?

    It would make sense to use what other people (who've been there longer) already know how to use.

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    Re: Unit testing in C++?

    Hey Alice,

    Have you written unit tests for other languages before then?

    For me, I use MSTest as my testing framework because it's the most intuitive for me, along with a great mocking tool I've found just recently, that has no limitations (like other mocking tools I used before). The name is Isolator++ and it became free just a month ago. I recommend.

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    Re: Unit testing in C++?

    I like google test, it's an extremely powerful framework.
    These days it's also supported by Visual Studio
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    Re: Unit testing in C++?

    I use both MSTest and Google test.
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