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Thread: Padding between text and radio button

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    Padding between text and radio button

    Plz find the below code in .rc file


    Note : here Prerna is the text and after 10 pixel padding there is a automatic radio button.

    Requirement : I want padding between Prerna and Radio button approximately 50 pixel without drawing a customize radio button.
    Can anyone assist??

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    Re: Padding between text and radio button

    I am afraid, you do need to owner draw it.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: Padding between text and radio button

    Radio button is a standard control. Which API does not provide any means for tweaking the space between the dot and its label. Actually, this is what standard is really about.

    You want to freely change the spacing, you go with unlabeled radio button and separate label control aligned properly next to the button. However, that spacing thing will cost you an extra headache of handling keyboard accelerators to create an illusion of control integrity. Of course, if you do suppose the accelerators to be in use at all.

    Or you just add a number of spaces to the beginning of the button label to create the required offset.

    But as to me, the best would be to go with standard button look and feel. The lesson learned: Boring UI is way better than annoying-and-thus-hated UI.
    Best regards,

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