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Thread: [RESOLVED] Advice for getting programs built with VS2012 to run stand alone

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    [RESOLVED] Advice for getting programs built with VS2012 to run stand alone


    Some of you know me and know that I create programs with Visual Studio 2012 Express. Like I said before, I got the license for free so that's what I'm using.

    I want to create executable's that will run on other computers. Originally I thought that because I could take the executable from the Release folder and place it in the folder I want to run it from (another issue) and run it without any problems that everything is OK. Then, I got another computer and transferred Visual Studio 2012 Express to it. I quickly learned that the programs I left on the first computer (this one) wouldn't even start without VS2012 installed.

    I guess I should also explain that I created my programs with some data files. Currently I have the files that I need to read AND write to in a folder in MY DOCUMENTS\MY SOFTWARE, then in a separate folder for each program. The files that I ONLY need to read from are in PROGRAM FILES\MY SOFTWARE. and again an individual folder for the program. If this is not the right way to do this, please constructively help me.

    Just now, I used the PUBLISH wizard to publish one of the programs I created. I noticed that you DON"T get a chance to tell the publish wizard where you want the finished program to be placed. You don't even get a chance to include files you create necessary for it to run, then where to put them.

    I also want to know how best to build my programs: 32 bit, 64 bit, or any cpu?

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    Re: Advice for getting programs built with VS2012 to run stand alone

    Sounds rather odd, I assume that you uninstalled VS2012 from the first PC and maybe it uninstalled the frame work you targeted? or removed a folder or file you are making a reference to.

    I've been using VB.Net for years now and most programs run without issue on most pcs simply by placing the exe on the target computer and data files if needed. Those which do not already have the proper framework on them need to have it installed before it will work but I think you get a message telling you this when you try to launch it. Of course it depends on how you write your program and what references or 3rd party stuff you use.

    As for how to build your programs, that depeds on what your program is going to do and what systems you want it to run on. a 32 bit program will run on a 64 bit pc though a 64 bit program may run better on the 64 bit pc but a 64 bit program will not run on a 32 bit pc.
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