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Thread: IEEE 1394 / FireWire programming under VB6.0 ?

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    IEEE 1394 / FireWire programming under VB6.0 ?

    Long shot as serial IEEE 1394 / FireWire was around (1986 designed, 1994 - produced and used) when VB6 was around:

    Any chance to be able to use the IEEE 1394 / FireWire communication in VB6? Is there a way to assign a COM address to the connection and use it with the MSComm component?

    Thanks for looking into it.

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    Re: IEEE 1394 / FireWire programming under VB6.0 ?

    A good place to start is to google "firewire in vb6". I'll leave it up to you to decide if anything is useful in the numerous results.

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    Re: IEEE 1394 / FireWire programming under VB6.0 ?

    Just so you know VB6 was not around until sometime in 1997 and is still around today.
    I personally have never had a device that used a firewire interface so have never looked into it. I would think that it would supply drivers and just look like another device to VB6. You can access USB devices easy enough so firewire should be also of course seeing as how apple was involved it is likely harder to deal with.
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