how can i rotate the 3D axis?
i have these 2 functions(i must convert degrees to radians)(forget been VB6 code.. i just need rotate from player position):
Private Function ConvertDegreesToRadians(Rotation As Angle3D) As Angle3D    
Dim deg2Rad As Double
    deg2Rad = Pi / 180
    ConvertDegreesToRadians.X = Rotation.X * deg2Rad
    ConvertDegreesToRadians.Y = Rotation.Y * deg2Rad
    ConvertDegreesToRadians.Z = Rotation.Z * deg2Rad
End Function

Private Function Rotate(Position As Position3D, Rotation As Angle3D, PositionRotated As Position3D) As Position3D
    Dim ConvertedPosition As Position3D
    Dim RotationInRads As Angle3D
    'Convert degrees to Radians
    'Rotation works on Radians
    RotationInRads = ConvertDegreesToRadians(Rotation)
    'Convert the actual position to zero or player position, using the rotation position:
    ConvertedPosition = Position
    ConvertedPosition.X = Position.X - PositionRotated.X
    ConvertedPosition.Y = -(PositionRotated.Y - Position.Y)  'reversed because Y increments down
    ConvertedPosition.Z = Position.Z - PositionRotated.Z
    'Rotate the position, but the Z axis must be the 1st:
    Dim T As Position3D
    'Z axis  (Roll)
    T = ConvertedPosition
        ConvertedPosition.X = T.X * Cos(RotationInRads.Z) - T.Y * Sin(RotationInRads.Z)
        ConvertedPosition.Y = T.X * Sin(RotationInRads.Z) + T.Y * Cos(RotationInRads.Z)
    'X axis  (Pitch)
    T = ConvertedPosition
        ConvertedPosition.Y = T.Y * Cos(RotationInRads.X) - T.Z * Sin(RotationInRads.X)
        ConvertedPosition.Z = T.Y * Sin(RotationInRads.X) + T.Z * Cos(RotationInRads.X)
    'Y axis  (Yaw)
    T = ConvertedPosition
        ConvertedPosition.X = T.Z * Sin(RotationInRads.Y) + T.X * Cos(RotationInRads.Y)
        ConvertedPosition.Z = T.Z * Cos(RotationInRads.Y) - T.X * Sin(RotationInRads.Y)
        'Convert to the rotated original position:
        ConvertedPosition.X = ConvertedPosition.X + PositionRotated.X
        ConvertedPosition.Y = ConvertedPosition.Y + PositionRotated.Y
        ConvertedPosition.Z = ConvertedPosition.Z + PositionRotated.Z
        'Convert to Camera Coordinates\Position:
        'ConvertedPosition.X = ConvertedPosition.X + camera1.Position.X
        'ConvertedPosition.Y = ConvertedPosition.Y + camera1.Position.Y
        'ConvertedPosition.Z = ConvertedPosition.Z + camera1.Position.Z
    Rotate = ConvertedPosition
End Function
when i do the rotation, some vectors can be much more far away and sometimes i get a wrong draw:
is the rotation correct? i think that these calculation isn't correct