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    Develop IPad C++ app

    I have a MFC SDI app. And I need to migrate it to IOS Ipad. Yes, it is strange this request, but that 's it. From what I've read on internet, there is several options. None of this option is quite OK.

    The easy and quick option is to use a Windows virtual machine. But I guess this option is not available on iPad. I am not sure though.

    Another option is to use some kind of simulator application, I don't understand well how is working that.

    Another option is to re-write whole application in other C++ framework. Here is two issues: one: what framework should I use ? and second: is request knowledge which I haven't.

    From your experience and expertise, what is the shortest way to migrate a MFC app to IPad ?

    I don't have any IOS experience (I even don't have iPhone or iPad or MAC) and every hint from here is valuable at most.

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    Re: Develop IPad C++ app

    I suggest rewriting it in a modern framework that supports multiple platforms and forget all about the idea of 'porting.'

    Trying to port an MFC app to an iPad is going to be a hack at best, but more likely you will run into some things that just won't port.

    Even if it can port, it would be a nightmare to maintain.

    In terms of modern frameworks, check out Microsoft Maui (to be released next year):

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    Re: Develop IPad C++ app

    Visual Studio offers some support for cross-platform C++ mobile development. Maybe this can be a starting point,

    Ideally you could have the mobile app working on iOS and also on Windows and Android as well.
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