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    How to design this website while adhering to objectives?

    Suppose you join a development team and they are working on a web visualization product developed in ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Angular, SQL Server, and C# that provides data insights to doctors (i.e. ROI, revenue, best brands vs worst brands, etc.), as well as internal users.

    The team prides itself with the following technical qualities: Quality, Reliability, CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Delivery), as well as Technical Acumen

    Therefore, as part of the characteristics above that define the team, you should adhere to the following objectives:

    • Ensure that the code/website will be developed superbly and with high quality
    • Ensure proper security in place for authorized user access across environments (For instance, the Quality Assurance team taking the build into their environment)
    • Provide constant Feedback to dev users (For example, when builds fail to compile, or performing inspections)
    • Delivering reliably yet continuously value to the end-users

    How would you technically approach and design this product?

    • For instance, What technologies would you choose to develop this product with? (i.e. OnPrem, Cloud, Azure, AWS, etc.)
    • What assumptions would you have in place?
    • What questions could possibly be asked and what are the answers?
    • Finally, in lieu of the defined objectives above, how do you visualize the final development pipeline and how does each part of the pipeline envisioned aim to achieve the objectives listed above?

    To clarify, I am not asking or expecting any code. This is just for brainstorming purposes

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    Re: How to design this website while adhering to objectives?

    Principles Of Good Website Design
    1. Donít Make Users Think
    2. Donít Squander Usersí Patience
    3. Manage To Focus Usersí Attention
    4. Strive For Feature Exposure
    5. Make Use Of Effective Writing
    6. Strive For Simplicity
    7. Donít Be Afraid Of The White Space
    8. Communicate Effectively With A ďVisible LanguageĒ
    9. Conventions Are Our Friends
    10. Test Early, Test Often

    Hope this helps you make a great website

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