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    How do you manage windows?

    Like you have 2 buttons. Lets call them

    Menu, Tables

    When you press Menu , you want to display the menu
    but the other buttons not to show.

    When you press Tables, you want to display Tables.
    but the other buttons not to show

    This can become messy if i live it on one window so we can use UserControl to do this? and what would be the most appropritate way to do this?

    void Menu(){
    //Show Menu
    //Close Reports
    //Close Tables
    //Close Beaches
    void Reports(){
    //Show Reports
    //Close Menu
    //Close Table
    //Close Beaches
    But imagine having more items and you would have to go over each one and each one to turn them off... it will become a mess.

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    Re: How do you manage windows?

    You can use a tab control with its styling set to hide the tabs. Each 'tab' contains the view you wish to display.

    Your menu simply sets the active tab.

    Search bing or google for "wpf tab control hide tab".

    [Edit] there might be a newer way to do this now, but back then using the tab control with hidden tabs was the way to go.
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