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Thread: split string function

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    split string function


    I was trying to practice my coding , and found the following code for splitting string and finally use those to convert to integer and get sum of those numbers.

    I found the split string is written is complicated way :

    vector<string> split_string(string input_string) {
        string::iterator new_end = unique(input_string.begin(), input_string.end(), [] (const char &x, const char &y) {
            return x == y and x == ' ';
        input_string.erase(new_end, input_string.end());
        while (input_string[input_string.length() - 1] == ' ') {
        vector<string> splits;
        char delimiter = ' ';
        size_t i = 0;
        size_t pos = input_string.find(delimiter);
        while (pos != string::npos) {
            splits.push_back(input_string.substr(i, pos - i));
            i = pos + 1;
            pos = input_string.find(delimiter, i);
        splits.push_back(input_string.substr(i, min(pos, input_string.length()) - i + 1));
        return splits;
    not sure why the" return x == y and x == ' '; " is needed. May be i am not much into stl strings and i need to dig a bit deeper here ?!


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    Re: split string function

    string_split is splitting a string at ' ' into a vector. The marked code removes duplicate spaces (makes multiple ones into just 1). It uses the std:: duplicate() function with a lambda. The result of the lambda informs duplicate() whether to remove an element or not. The result is only true if both x and y are ' ' ie adjacent chars are both ' '.

    It next removes trailing spaces. Then iterates the string to split into substrings to store in the vector. The code's not that great. Don't think it's the best way of doing it.
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    Re: split string function

    Thanks a lot kaud

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