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Thread: How to create a VR grabbing?

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    How to create a VR grabbing?


    I'm trying to create a VR grabbing system with Oculus Touch which would allow the hand model to grab from different angles and positions on the object and still look realistic.
    I tried to build one with pre-created hand poses and different colliders on the object which allowed to detect on which side the object is grabbed, but this result in a large number of pre-created poses and position offsets for each side of each object. It takes too much time to implement and it is not convenient.

    I learned a lot of information in this article ad tech industry
    Would anyone think of an elegant and effective way of doing this ?

    Thank you !

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    Re: How to create a VR grabbing?

    Hey dude that's awesome. I thought you might want to check this out though, for future recordings. You can record video directly from the headset's video output, and choose to favor one eye over the other so that the video is flat rather than rounded. Movavi is pretty good It's said to be better than or near video/audio recording capabilities.
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    Re: How to create a VR grabbing?

    Thank you for the links guys, will give it a close look later

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