To create desired edition using files provided with this project you need to do the following:
1. Download all required files from 2nd post in this thread
2. Extract the main archive of the project to a short path, for example: C:\work
3. Extract edition files to sxs directory found in the extracted archive (use Extract Here option in your archiver)
4. Copy all files from reconstructed directory to sxs directory
5. Extract language pack to lp directory
6. Extract install.wim from your ISO to the main directory of the extracted archive
7. Rename extracted install.wim to something other and export a prerequisite index from it to new install.wim
8. Run the Command Prompt as an administrator and cd to the folder you have extracted the archive to
9. Run full_build.cmd and let it do its magic
10. Replace install.wim in your ISO and add EI.CFG from eicfg directory to sources directory in your ISO

If the build process fails, discard the image that was mounted by the script using