Lunar Rover Simulation Engineer

At NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, we are designing a Lunar prospecting mission to search for water ice in a polar region of the Moon.

Join the team planning the first robotic polar Lunar surface exploration! This position is for a full-time robotics simulation engineer to develop software for the NASA VIPER Lunar Rover:

The VIPER project is creating a high-fidelity Lunar simulation to support development of the flight software and mission operations training. This Gazebo/ROS2 based simulation environment interfaces with virtually every aspect of the mission, and we need people with a broad range of technical expertise to help pull it all together. If you are a software developer with a simulation, robotics, or graphics background, join us in this groundbreaking endeavor. You can learn more about our simulator in this paper:

B.S. (or higher) in Computer Science or Robotics and at least 2 years of experience.

Required Skills and Traits:
Strong background in physical simulation, visual simulation, and/or sensor simulation
Strong background in developing high-performance software, particularly with C++11, Python 3, and GNU tools under Linux
Ability to simulate a complex robotics system in Gazebo, including sensors and interaction with the environment

Other Desired Skills:
Gazebo plugin development
- ROS2 (Robot Operating System)
Physics engines (ODE, Bullet, DART)
3D Graphics (OpenGL, GLSL, OGRE, appearance modeling)
Terrain modeling, GIS, OSGeo tools (GDAL, proj4)
3D Modeling, CAD

Contact: Lynne West