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    How can I number pages by group?

    Hi, I'm new to Crystal Reports and I'm having trouble numbering the pages. Could you help me?

    I have a report grouped by Department and Division (those are the names of the fields in the database). I need the pages to be numbered from 1 to N for each Division. In other words, when the Division value changes the page number will restart back to 1. How can I achieve it?

    I still can't understand how the Page N of N special field works. I have placed it in the page header and it always shows Page 1 of 1, even though the report has 1088 pages.

    I thank you in advance for your help.

    P.S. Something important is that after each change in Division a page break is executed.

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    Re: How can I number pages by group?

    (This from Crystal 2008 but it should still be the same)
    Click on your Division group footer, and choose section expert. Go to the Paging tab. Set the "Reset Page number after" as well as the "New Page after" that is probably already set because of how you describe it.

    Page N of N may be affected by your attempts to reset the page number, maybe you have that happening in the detail line?

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