let me begin by saying I'm a beginner,
I've tried searching on google but haven't found the answer to my questions, maybe I'm using the wrong terms.

I want to make a program for my job. I've settled on a basic design but need a bit of help getting there.

I want a MainWindow with a dashboard on the Left. with a section on the right that changes based on which dashboard item is selected.
Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think I would need to create separate windows for each and every dashboard items (I have 6). Once the selected Item Changes, the program would close the previous window and open the one corresponding to the newly selected dashboard item.

Also, for one of those window, I would need the user to have the possibility of adding fields. The reason is I need to create a logic tree of the historic of a land parcel. For Example, Lot 1 000 000 replaces lot 12345-1 on one line and lot 12345-1 is a subdivision of lot 12345. Each line would be added by the user and would include 2 labels, 2 text fields and a date field.

I'm sorry if my questions are basic and my sentencing not perfect (English is my second language).
Any help will be greatly appreciated,