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Thread: Stupid Things Developers Do

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    Stupid Things Developers Do

    Okay, I need everyone's help - or at least your feedback..... I'm working on an article, so what I need to know is:

    What are stupid things developers do?

    I'm looking for short answers that apply to multiple developers - not just one developer you happen to know. These can be coding, planning, or work related things or they can be things generalizations - as long as they are truly things that a stereotypical developer is likely to do.

    I hope (expect) some of you can provide some interesting insight on this topic!


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    Re: Stupid Things Developers Do

    Read posts by someone that wants to write an article.

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    Re: Stupid Things Developers Do

    The easiest way to be stupid as a programmer is trying too hard to be smart. Spending lots of time reducing a straightforward algorithm into something only Einstein could understand, to be able to cram it into one line, is stupid. On the other hand, if you never feel the urge to do this, you are probably not a good programmer.
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